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  On the surface theyre identical. Below the surface too. Large. Loud. Remarkably athletic and remarkably close. Well compensated and well tattooed.Still Cheap Benny Snell Jersey , Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey believes there is one surefire way to tell him and Los Angeles Chargers center (and very slightly older brother) Mike apart on Sunday night when the Chargers visit Heinz Field.Just have the twins switch places at halftime and let Maurkice snap the ball to Los Angeles quarterback Philip Rivers for a quarter or two. Then the differences between the Pounceys will be unmistakable.Ill take that team to the next level baby, Maurkice Pouncey said, voice dripping with sarcasm. Theyll definitely notice.Maurkice is kidding. Mostly, though he does have a slight edge over Mike in Pro Bowl selections (six to three). The 29-year-olds are well aware of the unique opportunity playing against each other offers. Separated by a minute at birth, the Pounceys were virtually inseparable growing up until Maurkice left the University of Florida for the NFL in 2010.Theyve spent their professional lives rooting for each other from afar Sunday is only the fifth time theyll be together in the same NFL stadium and both feared Mikes career might be in jeopardy after a hip injury limited him to five games with the Miami Dolphins in 2016.It was a point that we both thought that and it was tough, Maurkice said. Lord willing, a lot of hard work, and the doctors did a great job. Obviously hes playing at a high level and hes been blessed to be out there.Mike returned to play a full 16 games last season, but found himself looking for work after the Dolphins cut him in a salary cap move in March. The Chargers sprinted to scoop him up, bringing him to the West Coast on a two-year Jack Lambert Jersey , $15 million deal just four days after getting released. The change of scenery provided Mike Pouncey with a mid-career jolt, and his presence has played a significant role in the Chargers hot 8-3 start.We knew it was a big signing when we signed him, Los Angeles coach Anthony Lynn said. But its even better than what I thought.Asked what the Mike Pouncey experience is like, Lynn laughed.Im pretty sure its similar to what you guys have in Pittsburgh, he said.Translation: a lot of jokes. A lot of trash talk. And a relentless work ethic that belies their copious amounts of swagger.Hes the same player as me, Mike Pouncey said. Hes going to go out there and give you everything he has on each play. (My teammates) more excited (than I am) because we have a real good friendship on this team, and they go out there and talk smack to my brother to make me feel a little bit better. Its going to be fun.The entire Pouncey clan will descend on Maurkices house in the Pittsburgh suburbs on Saturday. As for split allegiances, Maurkices offer to host came with one very simple directive: If you root for the Steelers, you can crash at his place. If not? Youre on your own.How tight are they? Maurkice admits Mike might be the only person in the world outside of his children he actually calls on the phone rather than just texting.Its the same for Derek and T.J. Watt, though the two brothers T.J. is a second-year linebacker for the Steelers Jack Ham Jersey , Derek is in his third season as a fullback for the Chargers wont have the luxury of standing on the sideline watching the other play like the Pounceys do.Theres a very real chance that T.J. and Derek will find themselves on a collision course sometime Sunday night, the first time thats ever happened somewhere other than the family backyard or the random University of Wisconsin football practice when both were playing for the Badgers.Not that T.J. believes theres going to be time to think about bragging rights. If his assignment on a play is to ram into the guy wearing No. 34, then thats what hes going to do.Its a football game to me, T.J. said. I dont think anything is going to really change. I dont think in that split second you can determine whos who and whats what, so whatever happens, happens.Older brother J.J., the star defensive end for the Houston Texans, hopes they are forced to ram into each other at least once so we can settle it once and for all. Provided, of course, theres no cheating on either side.I basically just said JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , no cut-blocks, J.J. said. Thats the only thing. Just dont go at his knees. Otherwise, everythings fair.Though Derek, 26, lacks the star power of his older or his younger brother both of whom were first-round picks while the Chargers selected Derek in the sixth round in 2016 T.J., 24, might know better than anyone on the planet that you overlook the middle Watt brother at your own risk.He may not get all the publicity that J.J. and I get, but Dereks been in the NFL, this is his third year, T.J. said. I dont see many people in America doing that. I dont see many people in the world doing that. Hes playing at the highest level. Hes a starting fullback for an NFL team; I think thats pretty damn cool.Connie and John Watt will watch their boys go at it from the stands James Conner Jersey , trying to stay as neutral as possible. They might want to get used to it. All three Watt brothers are on teams heading to the postseason, meaning more family showdowns loom.I hope the game, I dont know, I guess ends in a tie, J.J. Watt said. I guess thats probably the best thing for everybody. Its probably good for (the Texans) too.NFL Picks and Predictions: Picking the full Week 1 slate against the spread When it comes to betting on the NFL, Week 1 of a season offers some unique value. With no real form to go on, the oddsmakers often struggle to come up with an appropriate lines for the opening games and not every home favorites is well priced for their matchup. However, with only preseason performances to base their decisions on, life is not exactly easy for those making the bets either, and in many ways Artie Burns Jersey , Week 1 can be something of a hit or miss affair. Adding to the confusion this week and every week throughout the season, we will be making our own predictions for each game against the spread and versus the totals.Using the consuses Las Vegas odds from VegasInsider.com as per Friday night, editor Jeff Hartman and myself will be taking on the bookies with our weekly selections and the loser of the battle between us will be submitting to some sort of forfeit at the end of the year. (Note: Jeff knows nothing about this last part, the idea just came to me as I was writing this, but Im sure he can be persuaded to get on board.)We encourage you to play along with us throughout the season and to add your picks in the comments section below each week. Any suggestions about what the forfeit could be are also welcome, but nothing too hazardous or extreme please. While Jeff is quite likely to lose this head-to-head battle, I dont want to see him suffer too much. Our picks for Week 1, where unsurprisingly we both pick the Pittsburgh Steelers to cover the spread against the Cleveland Browns with the game going under:

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