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If you are not a fan of the Ram
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  s or Patriots Josh Jacobs Oakland Raiders Jersey , the last chance you may have to see a player on your team take the field of play will be this Sunday in Orlando. Its the 2019 NFL Pro Bowl. These things are never riveting affairs. Players mostly goof around and try not to get injured in a meaningless contest.Then again, the official start to the offseason will be here in a little over a week. So, you may as well watch the Pro Bowl as one of the last two games youll see until preseason starts in August.The most important part of this game is the honor of being named to it. An honor that often comes with a financial incentive written into a players contract. And for those whom rarely receive that honor, suiting up in a Pro Bowl uniform and playing in the game is also special.Such is the case for Jared Cook, who was named to the team as an alternate, marking the 32-year-old tight ends first career Pro Bowl nod after his tenth NFL season. He made the trip in place of Travis Kelce who was the only AFC tight end to have better receiving numbers.Center Rodney Hudson was also an alternate, but neither of the Pouncey brothers Mike or Maurkice opted out of playing so Hudson will miss out on it this year.Game information:Game: AFC vs NFCDate: Sunday, January 27.Kickoff: Noon Pacific (3.00 p.m. ET)Venue: Camping World Stadium, Orlando, Florida.Weather: Live weather update.Watch:TV Channel: ESPN, ESPN Deportes, ABC and Disney XD, with Joe Tessitore, Jason Witten and Booger McFarland as commentators and Lisa Salters the sideline reporter.Online Streaming: NFL.com Game Pass, via ESPNs online streaming service WatchESPN or with DisneyNow.Rosters:Full list of each roster for the AFC and NFC from NFL.com. London is a brilliant city. But its just as well the Raiders keep away. Sunday the Silver & Black took to the pitch at Wembley stadium for a football match with the Seattle Seahawks. The 12th man had a strong presence at Wembley despite it being labeled as a home game for the Raiders, replete with provided Raider Nation flags for the crowd. The Raiders didnt give them any reason to wave those flags in this game.The Seahawks came out firing, moving the ball down the field with ease. The Raiders came out flat, getting nowhere on the ground and under attack through the air. The game was over by halftime for the second week in a row. And by the started of the fourth quarter, the Seahawks lead was at 27-0.For a travesty such as this, there needed to be a twist on the usual weekly format. Instead of Ballers for which there were none -- & Busters, in British style, this week will be called simply鈥ollocksJon GrudenWhat was considered a potentially competitive team with some promise in the offseason is an empty shell now. The luster wore off when Gruden traded Khalil Mack prior to the opener, and the tarnish from the first few weeks has now turned to an aggressive rust. The Raiders are crumbling.Gruden doesnt seem to know how to use Marshawn Lynch. He goes from not giving him the ball at the goal line last week to forcing it to him on the first three plays for a net of one yard.Derek Carr was supposed to return to his 2016 MVP level play under the tutelage of QB mastermind Gruden. He has looked as bad as he has ever looked in his career, adding league leader in interceptions to his resume. He didnt have one in this game, but threw for just 142 yards with 140 of those yards coming after the catch. Last week he was too aggressive. This week, hes back to dinks and dunks.Hard to blame Carr for all the quick passes with the protection issues the Raiders are having. He was sacked six times in this game. Thats ridiculous. From day one Gruden has forced top pick tackle Kolton Miller into action. First forcing Donald Penn to play out of place at right tackle Josh Jacobs Oakland Raiders Jersey , and now despite a knee injury that is clearly making him a complete liability. It was entirely irresponsible to put this team in the position where their best options at tackle are a small school third round rookie at one tackle spot and an injured project rookie at left tackle.The pass defense has been the worst in football. They cant find any pass rush since trading away the best pass rusher in the league, and the only answer Gruden and Guenther can come up with is to bench Gareon Conley and Rashaan Melvin. The corners are all struggled because they cant do it alone. They cant follow the receivers forever while the quarterback stands around scanning the field as long as he likes. At one point in this game, Russell Wilson fumbled the snap and had time to chase down the ball, reset, step up and throw a touchdown pass. He was never threatened.A team that should be showing improvement each week under a new head coach has regressed week after week. Their loss last week to the Chargers was their worst of the season when they most needed to show something. That terrible performance led to a much worse one. Even with a bye week and three 1-win teams in the next four games, there is little reason to hope they can be any more competitive even against those teams.Kolton MillerThe second week in a row Miller has given up three sacks. Technically, he gave up four sacks, but one was wiped away due to a facemask penalty. Yeah, he shouldnt be playing with his injury, but he is. And as such, his performance is judge. It was terrible. His first sack allowed was a strip sack. He had a great chance to fall on the fumble, but blew it. The Seahawks recovered at the Raiders 24 and scored their second touchdown in three plays. To begin the second half, Miller gave up two sacks in a row. The second was another strip sack at the Raiders 11-yard-line and the field goal gave the Seahawks a 20-0 lead.Derek CarrHis longest pass went for 21 yards and it was a dump to Jalen Richard who got almost all those yards after the catch. Carr also threw low for Amari Cooper over the middle allowing him to hit hard and knocked out of the game, behind Jordy Nelson on third and six with room to scramble for the first down. And of course, though he didnt throw a pick, he had two fumbles.Tahir WhiteheadOn the Seahawks first drive alone, Whitehead was blocked on a 24-yard screen, called for holding in the end zone to put them in first and goal at the one, and then gave up the 5-yard touchdown catch. He has six tackles, but was basically a non-factor.Jon Feliciano, Justin MurrayFeliciano only played for a couple drives before leaving with a rib injury. In that time he gave up a tackle for loss on third down, was flagged for holding that called back a 28-yard catch by Amari Cooper, and gave up a pressure leading to an incompletion. Murray replaced him and it isnt entirely his fault because he is the teams backup tackle who was asked to step into the guard position two weeks ago. Murrays first drive in the game, he gave up the sack on third down to end the scoring chance and back up the offense seven yards where Matt McCrary missed the 48-yard attempt. His next drive, he gave up a hit on Carr followed by not getting in place to block on a screen play that was stopped for no gain. Carr was sacked twice on his final possession and Murray gave up one of those sacks.Daryl WorleyGave up 3 catches for 100 yards and a touchdown. He had an interception off a deflection from Erik Harris.Johnny TownsendTownsend had two horrible punts in this game of 28 and 27 yards. His other punt traveled 37 yards to give him an average of 30.7 yards per punt.Honorable MentionArden Key Got his first sack as a pro. He also had a run stop and a pressure on third and 7 to hold them to a field goal in the third quarter.Jalen Richard Led the team with 7 catches for 48 yards including a 21-yard catch and run on third and 20.Follow @LeviDamien

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